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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Download Window Blinds 7.4 Full

Download WindowBlind 7.4 _filetoshared
Hey, meet me at filetoshared. This time I share Download Window Blinds 7.4 Full.
Download Window Blinds 7.4 Full, Some time ago, I had share this software but lately, Stardockreleased the newest version, which is WindowBlinds 7.4 Full.
WindowBlinds is a software that is interesting enough to be used as a decoration on your desktop and not only that, this software is also able to be used as a tool to redesign the theme of your windows.

WindowBlind 7.4_filetosharedd

Some interesting themes were already available and can be directly applied to your computer with a unique and luxury that you will get. If you are one of the main of people who like to get bored with the theme that comes with your windows then this is an alternative software that you need.

WindowBlind 7.4 Full  key_filetoshared

Features :
  • Stylize (Visual Styles, Alternative Skin Styles)
  • Customize (Modify Aero, Change skin fonts, Adjust transparency, Colors, Textures, Explorer Backgrounds)
  • Apply (Easy-to-use configuration dialog, Presets, Random skins option, Per application option)

    WindowBlind 7.4_filetoshared

    Download Window Blinds 7.4 Full

    Theme WindowBlind 7.4_filetosharedd

Download Window Blinds 7.4 Full here :

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