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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Download Connectify Pro 3.5 Full License Key.

Hey, meet me at filetoshared. This time I share Download Connectify Pro 3.5 Full License Key. 

Connectify Pro 3.5 Full License Key - Have not updated the site seems so awkward and confused should be doing first. Okay, starting from the current Connectify has released the latest versionof 
Connectify Pro 3.5. For all fellow colleagues who have tried Connectify, may already be familiar with the features and advantages.

Still like the previous version, Connectify comes with advantages that can be used to facilitate you in making a hotspot network even if only with makeshift facilities such as, only using the wifi and modem, with this software you can create a reliable network of hotspots. What about those of you who have never tried it, do you wonder? Just download and get all the ease of it now and only at filetoshared.

Connectify 3.5

Key Features :
  • Software Access Point
  • Share Internet from other Wi-Fi Networks
  • Display Connected Computers/Devices
  • Simple Firewall Controls
  • Share Wi-Fi from 3G/4G Networks
  • Drag and Drop File Transfer
  • Service Discovery
  • Fully-Customizable SSID
  • Repeater Functionality
  • AutoInternet Selection
  • Premium Support
Requirements :
  • Windows Vista / 7 (32 and 64 bits)
  • Windows Xp Sp3 
  • No special requirements

  • Connectify Pro 3.5

Download Connectify Pro 3.5 Full License Key here :
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Download License key Download Connectify Pro 3.5 here :

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